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Sunset, Storytelling and Stargazing on Waitt’s Mount

star-gazingSaturday, April 29, 2017
Waitt’s Mount Park in Malden
7:30 pm: Storytelling
8:30 pm: Stargazing

As of today (Saturday, April 29), this event is ON.
Invite your neighbors! See you at the top of Waitt’s Mount!


General information

  • This is an all-ages event. Storytelling with Sharon Kennedy is geared towards children, but the sunset and stargazing is for everyone!
  • This year’s book “A Man Called Ove” celebrates neighbors and the power of community. Let’s meet our neighbors, friends and community folks we don’t yet know under the night sky at Malden’s highest point! (Click here for a history and some interesting information about the park).
  • Encourage your friends and neighbors to come!
  • This event is co-sponsored by Ward 4 City Councillor Ryan O’Malley
  • This event is funded in part by a grant from the Malden Cultural Council, a local agency, funded through the Massachusetts Cultural Council, a state agency.

What should you expect for the event?

  • Malden Reads will have a presence at the park beginning at 7:00 p.m. Families may wish to come earlier to enjoy the variety of playground equipment at the park.
  • Professional storyteller Sharon Kennedy will begin telling children’s stories at 7:30 pm (sunset will occur at 7:43 pm).
  • Stargazing will start around 8:30 pm (after twilight). Several telescopes will be set up for viewing, and members of the North Shore Amateur Astronomy Club will serve as guides to the night sky.
  • While people take turns at the telescopes, conversation, story-sharing and social interaction is encouraged–let’s meet each other under the beauty of a night sky!
  • We will be treated to a live performance by “Slow Boat Home,” a local American band
    that plays a mixture of jug, country and blues music. Adult storytelling (true stories told live) are also in the works.
  • In case of inclement weather (including skies that are too cloudy to see stars), we will be scheduling an alternate date, which is tentatively Saturday, June 17. Cancellation might occur up until noon of the day’s event.
  • The event will conclude around 10:00 pm. (again, this time is weather dependent.)
  • This promises to be a really fun, unique experience. Bring your sense of adventure!

What should you bring?

  • Wear sturdy shoes & warm clothing, and bring a snack, drink, and a flashlight.
  • It’s a good idea to bring a small blanket or something to sit on.
  • Please leave your pets at home.
  • Ground lights will be kept to a minimum so that we can view the stars. Lasers will not be allowed.
  • So that we can be respectful of the grounds, please plan to pick up your own trash (there will be a small number of barrels).

How do you get to Waitt’s Mt.?

  • Waitt’s Mt. can be reached by walking up Leonard Street or Mountain Avenue.
  • The very limited number of parking spots at the park itself will be reserved for the storyteller, members of the North Shore Amateur Astronomy Club, Malden Reads essential event staff, and persons with disabilities that would prevent them from otherwise attending the park.
  • The following parking lots will be open for Malden Reads parking: Citizen’s Bank, the Early Learning Center (entrance on Montrose St.) and (possibly) Spadafora’s Funeral Home (if there is no funeral that evening – check this website on Saturday.) Parking on Leonard and Tremont Street is allowed but please park only on the park side of the street.
  • We will have vehicles (compliments of Malden Taxi and local volunteers) picking up participants from the parking lots to Waitt’s Mt. Pickups will occur approximately every 7-10 minutes between 7:00 pm and 8:30 pm, and vans will drive folks back to cars beginning at 9:30 pm. (Vans can drive folks back to their cars following the storytelling portion as well.)
  • Though parking at Waitt’s Mt. will be very limited, we will have a drop-off area there.
  • Please call Jodie at 781-608-6938 or Anne at 781-608-5733 if you need to make special arrangements for parking or you need to communicate with us that evening.

What should you know about stargazing?

  • No running, no food, no drink in the area we will set up for observing.
  • No drugs or alcoholic beverages are allowed. Do not arrive intoxicated.
  • Caution must be observed at all times, especially in the rocky area at the top of the mountain.
  • A police detail will be present.
  • The park is handicapped accessible and there is a flat area at the top.
  • We will give you some red cellophane to cover your flashlights (to block out light).

See you at the top of Waitt’s Mount!

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