What if all of Malden read the same book?


Malden Reads: One City, One Book

What if all of Malden read the same book?

cropped-maldenreads_logo.jpgMalden Reads is a community reading program in Malden, MA that seeks to answer that question. Organized by community groups, city leaders, and residents, in collaboration with the Malden Public Library and MATV, Malden’s Media Center, the program invites the community of Malden, Massachusetts to read the same book and participate in a series of events related to the book’€™s themes. The goal is to encourage reading, promote the library and other city resources and build community.

About Our Logo
The making of the Malden Reads logo fits the community-building spirit of this project. During the planning for the first year of the program, Malden High School art teacher Julie Mullane and Art Department chair Mary Ann Seager initiated a contest with Malden High School art students. Students were asked to design a logo that conveyed “reading + community.” Many wonderful designs were submitted, but a Malden Reads subcommittee selected then-junior Vivian Le’s as the winning design. The design was then built upon by former Malden High School student Elsa Basile, a graphic design student at Pensacola Christian College at the time. Malden Reads committee member Busha Husak (a professional graphic designer) supervised Elsa in bringing the logo to the next phase of design for electronic rendering, and we have had our logo since 2010. We thank all involved in the initiative, and we love our beautiful logo!

Note (2018) – this year we will be re-working our logo to better reflect the amazing diversity of our Malden community. Stay tuned for a new and improved Malden Reads logo!

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